GMTK Game Jam 2021 Submission

These double dummies need to get across town to mail a letter for their dear old ma. Throw coins to interact with the world and guide these dummies to their destination.

Did not get in all the features that were planned, maybe we will finish it one day.


- Curtis Schneider (Hillcrest Games)

- The Great Lange

- NetNerdy

- Hyperchaotix


Windows Executable 22 MB


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Against all my instincts, I laughed and enjoyed this. Reminded me of watching Laurel and Hardy with my Dad as a kid. Would love to see something like this with loads of production value!

Al principio pensé que sería aburrido, pero me divertí mucho, es genial, lo recomiendo probar aunque sea una vez

Just finished streaming this and I really like the idea. I feel like if the speed of everything in the game was increased by about 25-50% the franticness could be really engaging. As is it feels a little slow but the core idea is a really cool interpretation of the theme.

Good game. Good luck in the Game jam!